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Cassidy Lynn Art

A boardwalk tradition reimagined by local artist Cassidy Lynn! Featuring original artworks and over a hundred unique henna designs that you can’t get anywhere else! For something extra special, bring in your own custom design and our artists will bring it to life for you!

No appointments necessary! Just walk in during business hours!

Open every day in June, July, and August!


Henna Tattoos

Traditional brown plant-based ink in intricate freehand designs, last about two weeks!

Not recommended for children under 6 years of age.

Jagua Tattoos

Traditional black or blue plant-based ink in intricate freehand designs, last up to three weeks!

Not recommended for children under 13 years of age.

Glitter Tattoos

Sparkly colorful stencilled designs that last 2-3 days! No dry time and no age limit, great for grown-ups and kids!



Traditional Hairwrap: Colorful thread wrapped around a small section of hair, like a friendship bracelet for your hair! Takes about 15-30 minutes for short hair, or 30 to an hour for long hair.

Clip-In Hairwrap: Don’t feel like waiting? Choose one of our pre-made hairwraps in a variety of lengths and colors! Takes less than five minutes- they clip in with a little microbead just like hair feathers!

Super low maintenance- wash hairwraps just like your regular hair! Just pull the wrap out of the way when brushing, curling, or straightening.


Also known as Fairy Hair- glittery silk threads tied around a single piece of hair each, add some sparkle to your style! Our tinsel is 100% silk, for a longer-lasting style and a softer, smoother blend with your natural hair. This also means that you can style it just like your real hair!

Microbeaded tinsel is available upon request- this is only recommended for very young children or people with extremely fine or brittle hair.


Real beautifully dyed rooster feathers to add color to your hair, can last for several months!

Super quick, no wait time- feathers take less than five minutes to put in and last about 2-4 months! Wash your feathers normally with the rest of your hair, just be careful not to pull on the bead when brushing.


Original Art

Cut paper art done entirely by hand, pressed flower art, watercolors, art prints and more!


Pillows, tote bags, jewelry and more, all handmade and totally unique!


Customize anything! Take home a truly unique souvenir with customized art designed by you!

See the full collection on my Etsy shop below!

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me!


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @cassidylynn_art

Cassidy Lynn Art Photo Gallery

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